People Hire People, Not Resumes Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

Let's consider people of all ages who land jobs with barely any of the required qualifications written on the job description.

Is it magic? Is it luck? Is it some sort of voodoo that gets these people hired with far less qualifications that you have? In some cases, maybe. But, I'd be willing to bet that for 99.9% of them, it's their winning attitude and their motivation factor.

This recently happened to a friend of mine who I'll call Linda. Linda graduated from college this past May. She was a psychology honors student and was also the captain of her college volleyball team. In thinking about her career aspirations, Linda decided that human resources would be the perfect career for her. She began looking for positions.

The summer zoomed by and although Linda had a wonderful resume for a recent college graduate, she was far less than a perfect candidate for an HR Assistant position as she had no experience. This became quite obvious as the responses came back from the ads that she was answering. But Linda didn't give up. She started thinking outside the box, and that's when it all started to happen. Here is the magic she stirred up:

  1. She started attending HR networking events to meet people who might be able to help her get her foot in the door.
  2. She wrote an extraordinary cover letter and mailed it to small company CEO's whose names she found on Google and LinkedIn. In the letter, she mentioned that she was looking for an internship rather than a job.
  3. She volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and made tons of great connections.
  4. She went to happy hours in NYC with her friends in the Wall Street area hoping to find someone who might be in HR.
  5. She started a blog to introduce her personality and intelligence to the world.

A VP of HR for a major publisher read her blog. That is when things started happening.

Linda received a call from the VP and was invited in for an exploratory interview. The VP honestly had no idea how specifically she might help Linda, but she felt that she needed to meet her. When the VP met Linda, she was instantly impressed by her drive, motivation, and ability to learn quickly. Linda started work two weeks later as the VP's administrative assistant. Linda didn't need a magician – she created her own magic.

Absolutely Abby’s Advice:
Despite the economy, people are landing all the time. These people are strong interviewers with loads of confidence and dynamic personalities. They are people who have learned to differentiate themselves from the crowd and they are excellent networkers. You can be one of those people too if you want to be. People hire people, not resumes. Improve your interview skills and you will improve your success rate to the nth degree.