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Thinking about changing your job or even your entire career? Getting ready to make a change but you're unsure how? Are you stuck in a dead end job or have you hit the glass ceiling? Join us each Wednesday as we explore tips to get & keep your career on a careeriffic track.

Dedication to Education Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

This week I received an interesting question from a job seeker about furthering his education. His question was about whether to pursue a higher level of certification in his field in order to get into management. My answer to this question is not as obvious as it might appear.

Unemployed with Children Part Deux Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

In a post last week I discussed one of the great questions I discussed on a recent Career Wake Up Call. The question was, "How should I go about discussing my continued unemployment with my children?  It seems to be having an effect on them." I recently received two new answers to this question from parents that I feel are absolutely fantastic so naturally I have to share them with you.

Unemployed with Children Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

On last week's Career Wake Up Call, an interesting topic emerged. The question was, "How should I go about discussing my continued unemployment with my children?  It seems to be having an effect on them." Although I had an opinion on this, I opted to "Ask the Audience" in Who Wants to be a Millionaire style to get an opinion from someone who has kids.

Building Your LinkedIn Network Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

Joining LinkedIn and creating a detailed profile is the first step towards developing a professional network online. Knowing how to grow your network is an essential next step of your job search puzzle.

Hitting Your Jackpot Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

Recently I had the good fortune of spending some time in Las Vegas, which made me start to wonder about why some people seem to be luckier in life than others, especially when it comes to landing a new job.

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Drawn from my 18 years of experience and research in recruiting and Human Resources, my blog posts are intended to provide insight into what corporate recruiters and Human Resource professionals look for when they are evaluating your qualifications. Simply reading these blogs will not guarantee you success. However, consistently applying the strategies mentioned, as well as developing your own personal interview style, will greatly enhance your chances of victory amidst the competition. I wish you the best of luck with your search as you begin to take charge of your career!