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Least Favorite Job Search Phase
Career Passion in NYC Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

Inspiring people are everywhere, just like networking connections. You just have to keep your eyes open and look for them.

I was born in Brooklyn and will always consider myself a New Yorker. We're different kinds of birds but ultimately we all have a plethora of interesting stories thanks to the Big Apple. The best ones are about the people who love their jobs.

I don't remember when I first noticed Bob, my favorite A-Train conductor, but I have literally been talking about him for years. For those of you who have never taken a New York City subway, I highly recommend it. It's just like it appears on TV. You are smooshed like sardines half the time and constantly make attempts to avoid falling into your neighbor. The other half the time, you're people watching, and boy do we have interesting people to watch.

Bob is one of the first people that helped me understand what loving your job looks like. The average NYC subway conductor is typically hard to understand. Their job is to announce the next station, to make sure that everyone is safely getting in and out of the train, and then to say "please stand clear of the closing doors". Ah….I can just hear it now.

Bob goes way beyond the norm. He announces the weather and the time every few minutes. He also mentions the tourist attractions at each stop. He tells us about the Empire State Building, Times Square, Carnegie Hall and Wall Street to name a few. He also tells us what's going on that day if he knows of any local events. He's more like a tour guide than a conductor. One day when leaving the train, I decided to thank him for making my ride such a pleasure and to encourage him to keep going. He smiled as if to say, "I'm glad you noticed."

Bob loves his job. He goes way beyond the requirements to make passengers happy. My bus driver today loves his job as well. As we left NYC, he started talking about the news of the day and then finished his five minute speech, "OK. Let's go home." What an Absolute pleasure to have these people in our life. They add a spice of life to our mundane, daily activities because they love what they do.

Imagine how you would act if you loved what you did. Would you smile more? Would you prance around the office? Would you offer to get involved in projects rather than groaning when someone hands you more work? Would you become the welcome wagon for new employees? Would you go above and beyond and go further in your career because of it? I believe you would.

Absolutely Abby’s Advice:
As tempting as it is to accept the first offer you receive, spend plenty of time really thinking about it, before you make a decision. If this is not a job that you know you will love, decide whether or not it's really worth having. Finding a job that you love is worth all the time you put in to find it. Only then will you feel a true sense of career satisfaction.
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Drawn from my 18 years of experience and research in recruiting and Human Resources, my blog posts are intended to provide insight into what corporate recruiters and Human Resource professionals look for when they are evaluating your qualifications. Simply reading these blogs will not guarantee you success. However, consistently applying the strategies mentioned, as well as developing your own personal interview style, will greatly enhance your chances of victory amidst the competition. I wish you the best of luck with your search as you begin to take charge of your career!