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Unemployed with Children Part Deux Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

In a post last week I discussed one of the great questions I discussed on a recent Career Wake Up Call. The question was, "How should I go about discussing my continued unemployment with my children?  It seems to be having an effect on them." I recently received two new answers to this question from parents that I feel are absolutely fantastic so naturally I have to share them with you.

This is a comment that I received last week via LinkedIn. I could not have said it better myself:

"First I would like to comment that I think your website is wonderful and I really like that you are helping people. Regarding Unemployed with Kids, I am trying to teach my children the value of the dollar. My one son is 11 years old and the other is 6. They are constantly asking for new games for their game systems. For them, everything is instant gratification. I explain that the economy is suffering and they have to understand that they are not always able to get the things they want when they want them. But most importantly, I am teaching my children to find their passion in life, turn it into a business, be innovative, work hard and do what you do better than everyone else. I truly believe there is nothing like being your own boss. But in order to do that, you really have to love what you do. I discuss Bill Gates, have them watch the apprentice and even show them articles from Money/Fortune magazine. If you teach them when they are young, hopefully they will be impacted by what was taught to them early on."

Teaching your kids the value of finding their passion early in life is the biggest gift that you can ever gift them. Here is another kid related idea that I received last week:

My friend Kay suggested that giving your younger kids the gift of "time with you" is a good substitute for more expensive gifts. Spending time with them when they are home from school and you would normally be working is something special that they will cherish. Kay suggested baking cookies, going to the playground or the zoo, fixing something around the house together, sewing, teaching them how to cook, finger painting, water balloon fights, picnics outside, etc. Remember that even though you may not be able to buy them expensive things right now, spending time with you is an invaluable gift that they will always remember.

Absolutely Abby’s Advice:
Thinking outside the box during your job search is a skill that will serve you well. Similarly, this kind of thinking, when it comes to your family responsibilities, will help you and your children develop a better understanding of the world of work and how you can both help each other grow.
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