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Least Favorite Job Search Phase
Say NO to the Recession! Print
Written by Abby Kohut   

On every Career Wake Up Call, someone always asks about the unemployment rate or whether the recession is ending. My answer is always the same, regardless of how the question is asked and by whom. Your goal should be to focus on your search and to say "No" to participating in the recession!

While the unemployment rate affects the number of jobs that are being posted, it does not affect how fast you land in comparison to your competition. Not everyone is on the same playing field.

Many of your job seeking friends are not reading my blogs or joining my free Career Wake Up Calls. Those of you who are, have an advantage, because you are learning what you can do to differentiate yourself and how your actions affect your outcome.

Not everyone is networking, and many of those who are, may not be doing it effectively. If you are "paying it forward" by helping other people, you will be ahead of the game. Not everyone is using LinkedIn and rarely anyone is using Twitter. If you are doing any of these things, you will find more opportunities coming your way.

Not everyone is attending Chamber of Commerce meetings or sending out direct mail campaigns offering their skills to CEO's for part time projects. Not everyone is signing up for temp and contract work, and not everyone is starting their own business, but some people are and you can be one of them.

Some people are in a depression because of the recession. Some people are in an "absession". They are finding ways to make money other than by finding a job. Buy the book Cash in a Flash and you'll understand what I am talking about. Being recessed or depressed is a choice, not an absolute.

The question is, if the unemployment rate dropped to 5%, would that mean that you instantly would find a job? No! If you can think of things to do differently that you have been afraid to do, start doing those things NOW. If the unemployment rate is 15%, that still means that 85% of people ARE still employed.  You only need to find one job. And as long as jobs continue to being posted - you'll know that companies are still hiring.

The truth is that some of the media outlets have declared the recession is over, but at the same time, the holidays are approaching quickly. You need to work harder this month than ever before. Why? Every year, regardless of the economic climate, hiring in the last two months is sluggish. This is the time when the halls of most offices are quieter as people take turns going away on vacations. These months are a real challenge for recruiters to schedule interviews with their hiring managers and other principals. The only thing scarier than Halloween is looking for a job in November and December.

So rev up your engine and go get em! And don't forget about the holiday retail temp jobs that should become available soon.

Absolutely Abby’s Advice:
The people who land quickly despite the unemployment rate and the competition are those who understand the true meaning of networking and those who are thinking way, way, way outside the box. Stick with me and you'll learn how to do both. Ignore the news and be determined not to participate in the recession. You'll be glad that you did!
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Drawn from my 18 years of experience and research in recruiting and Human Resources, my blog posts are intended to provide insight into what corporate recruiters and Human Resource professionals look for when they are evaluating your qualifications. Simply reading these blogs will not guarantee you success. However, consistently applying the strategies mentioned, as well as developing your own personal interview style, will greatly enhance your chances of victory amidst the competition. I wish you the best of luck with your search as you begin to take charge of your career!